My work appears as a situation in which artistic labor, the artwork and everyday activity collide. I work on long-term projects with a process-oriented attitude. These projects are open to reinterpretation and do not follow a fixed plan. In recent years my work has taken on different identities. Spatial installations such as ROTATOR (2020) and Modular Studio (2018) arise from an urge to create my own environment. A place in which artistic work celebrates as a thematical protagonist. These are often spaces in which the artist can invite guests and where new creations can be made. Like a perpetual motion machine. Under the right circumstances and paying close attention to a balance between exercise, relaxation and rest, the machine continues to run.

Furniture and usable objects are characteristic in my work. The Confetti Dinner Table (2021) is constructed from recycled plastic plates and is created out of sympathy for the circular use of material on the one hand, on the other hand I am interested in social structures and objects. During the exhibition, the table was used for eating, drinking, working, meeting and even dancing. I like to see my work being activated in a social and interactive context. Just as Claes Oldenburg is “for an art that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum” (I Am For…, 1961), I am for an art that is in motion. An art where the quick calculations and pencil markings still stand. An art that you can absorb, by drinking it. An art you can lie in, gently rocking back and forth, musing about whatever. An art through collaboration. A DIY art, Do It Yourself, but furthermore Do It Together.

Biro’s Home Brewed (2020-2022) is a project that originated during the lockdown in Brussels. Partly out of boredom, partly out of artistic necessity, the home-brewed beers are treated as art objects. In collaboration with fellow artists and craftsmen such as brewers, writers and ceramists, a gesamtkunstwerk unfolds on a micro level. I find it interesting to let go of the artist’s soloistic identity and to develop a system in which the work can be approached from different angles. This creates something unexpected and unintentional, and exactly that is my intention.

Salón Manzana (2023) is my most recent project. A salon-style exhibition space in which art, design and other cultural expression, such as yoga, tea ceremonies and concerts, are presented side by side. Yo como manzana, is one of the first phrases one learns in a Spanish course on Duolingo. In a certain way the apple becomes an pickup line, a first contact. After living and working in Brussels for 6 years, I settled in The Hague. A new beginning. The similarities, but also the cultural differences, between the two cities affect me on a personal level. An undeniable similarity is the diversity of people. The wealth of languages ​​spoken. I like places where different languages ​​are spoken. Recognition goes hand in hand with alienation, but intuitively we’ll figure it out.